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Wish List

How It Works! You e-mail the item your wish & then we will e-mail a confirmation if I have one for sale or if we don't have any - your wish will be added on the wish list on our site.

Note - the Wish Llist is updated weekly. Please note If we don't find your wish in 3 months & you have not e-mailed you still want the wish - the item will be deleted to save space.


1. None at this time.

Crewel & Embrodiery & Needlepoint Kits

1. None at this time.

Cross-Stitch Stamped or Counted Kits

1. Seredipity Designs - "Fernwood Tapestry" - bev-01-14-17
2. Smoky Mountain

- "Loop Road-Fall, Cades Cove Season" - kim-02-13-17

- "Abrams Falls-Spring Cades Cove Seasons" - kim-02-13-17


1. Minta Floyd - "Someone Special"-"Alphabet Children" - jud-5-16-17

2. Pat Rogers Counted Collection

- "Tapestry Sampler" - mad-04-04-17

- "Tapestry Sampler" - dma-04-11-17


1. Classic Cross Stitch - July 1992, Sept. 1992, Nov 1992 - jud-17-5-18
1. Cross Stitch & Country Crafts - Sept or Nov 1985 First issue - jud-17-5-18