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How It Works! You e-mail oldstitch@oldstitch.com the item you wish. We will e-mail a confirmation if we have one for sale, If we don't have one - your wish will be added on the wish list on our site.

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Crewel & Embrodiery & Needlepoint Kits


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Cross-Stitch Counted or Stamped Kits / Leftover Kits

1. Sunset / Dimensions - "Santa Greeting Stocking" #18329 by Carol McAulay - smm-9-18-2023



1. Just Cross Stitch - "Osprey" - #187 - pau-5-27-2022

2. Rouge du Rhin - "Cocur de Margyerites" (Daisies Heart saying) - und-7-09-2023

3. Satsuma Street - "Greetings / Welcome Sign" - lau-01-11-2022

4. Sporting Masters - "Secretarist" - mas-5-23-2023

5. Vera K Designs - "How Great Thou Art" - sch-01-23-2022



1. At Home with Needlework Magazines - Any Not Posted


2. Cross Country Stitching Magazines - Any


3. Treasures In Needlework Magazines - Any