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Reference /Catalog T to Z


Reference Catalog - T

T & N Designs (tnd)
Tamoris Norton Designs (tnds)
Tapis - Tree / Barrani Designs Studios (ttb)
Taylored Designs (tayd)
Terrace Beesley (tb)
Temple Treasures Counted Cross Stitch Creations (ttcc)
Textured Treasures (txt)
Textile Heritage Collection (txc)
That Patchwork Place (tpp)
Thea Gouverveur (thea)
The American Needle Co, Inc (tamn)
The Antique Needl (tan)
The Marking Sampler (tms)
The Needle's Content -Netherlands - (tncn)
The Point of It All, Inc (tpnt)
Theron Traditions (tht)
The Stitching Bear (thsb)
Thirteenth Colony (trc)
This Time (tst)
Thistledown Threads (tdt)
Thistle Stop (thsp)
Thomas-Bird Designs (thbrd)
Thomas Kinkade Showcase Gallery (tk)
Thoughts That Count (ttc)
ThreadBear Creations (tbc)
Thread Connections (tc)
Threadneedle Street Magazine - USA (tns)
Threads Gatherer (tgr)
Threads of Gold (tg)
Threads and Things (thath)
Threads Through Time (ttt)
Three Needles (tn)
Tice Bohanan & Patty Creations (tbcr)
Tidewater Originals (tdw)
Tiger Books International - England (tbi)
Tish & Amy Originals (taos)
Titan Needlecraft (ttnc)
TLC Greetings (tlc)
Together We Count (twl)
Told In the Garden (tits)
Too Sisters Designs (tsd)
To-Sew, Inc (tos)
Town & Country Needlecraft Magazine - UK (tcm)
Traditionals by Tricia (tbt)
Traditions Cross-Stitch (tr)
Trafalgar Square Publishing (tsp)
Trail Creek Farm Designs (tcd)
Treasured Threads (trt)
Treasures From the Heart (tfh)
Treasures In Needlework Magazine - USA (trnw)
Treehouse Designs (trhu)
Treetrunk Designs (trk)
Trilogy, The (tog)
Tripp & Trask Designs, Inc (ttdi)
Tristan Brooks Designs (tbd)
True Colors (tci)
Turnip Patch, Inc (trp)
Try Me Designs (trm)
Tuva Publishing - Turkey (tuva)
TW Designworks / Teresa Wentzler (tw)
Twin Oaks Needlecrafts, Inc (ton)
Twin Valley Creations (twvc)
Twisted Oaks Designs (twod)
Twisted Threads (tt)

Reference Catalog - U

UB Strickdesign (ubs)
Ulla Needlework Designs (und)
Under THe Rainbow (ur)
Unity Station Originals (uso)
Ursula Michael Desigs (umd)

Reference Catalog - V

Val's Stitchin' Stuff (vals )
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co (van)
Van Castle Designs (vcd)
Vanessa-Ann Collection, The (vac)
Vanguard Designs (vd)
Verachtert n. v. (vnv)
Vera K. Enterprises (vke)
Vermillion Stitchery, The / Donna Gaimpa Vermillion (vsy)
Vickery Collection (vmc)
Victoria Anne Designs (vad)
Victorian Village Designs (vvd)
Victoria Parker Designs (vpd)
Victoria Sampler, THe (vs)
Victoria's Garden (vg)
Victoria's Needle (vn)
Vidmar Graphics, Inc (vdg)
Village Designs (vmc)
Vintage Needleworks Designs (vtd)
Virginia Hendrix Designs (vh)
Vogart Crafts Corp (vgc)
Voirrey Embroidery Centre (ve)

Reference Catalog - W

Walden Wood's Designs (wwd)
Wal-Mart (wlm)
Walt Disney (wd)
Wang International, Inc (wgi)
Water's Edge (wate)
Watson Designs / Lynn'nButterfly Collection (ws)
Waxing Moon Designs (wxd)
Wee Designs (wee)
Welsh & American Sewing Co, Inc (wls)
Western Reserve Traditions (wrt)
West Wind Designs (wewd)
What's New, Inc (whn)
Wheatland Crafts, Inc (whl)
Whiskey Creek Ink (wk)
Whispered by the Wind (wbw)
Wichelt Imports, Inc (wi)
Wide World Enterprises (wwe)
Wildex Designs (wix)
Wild Goose Chase (wgc)
Wild Threads (wt)
Willraye Studio / Simply Old-Fashioned (sof)
Wilmaur Crafts Corp (wlcc)
Willow Ridge Designs (wrd)
Winchester Designs (wcd)
Windy Parks Farm Designs (wpfd)
Windspinners (wsp)
Whisper by the Wind (whwd)
With Humble Heart (whh)
With My Needle (wmn)
Wong Designs (wo)
Wooly Dreams Designs (wdd)
Woman In Stitches (win)
Woman's Day Magazines - USA (wnd)
WonderArt Creative Needlecrafts (wna)
Woodsman, The (wodm)
Words of Priase (wop)
Workbasket, The (wa)
Workbox (wx)
Workman Publishing (wrkm)
World of Cross Stitch Magazine - UK (wdcs)
World of Embroidery - UK (wde)
Wren Song Designs (wrn)
Wrights Needlework Co (wrnc)
W.T. Rogers Company (wtrc)
Wye Needlecraft (wye)
Wyndham Designs (wyd)

Reference Catalog - X

X-Appeal (xa)
Xross Xcountry Xcreations (xxx)
X's & Oh's (xo)
XXXX 4 My Boys XXXX (x4b)

Reference Catalog - Y

Yarn Corner, The (yc)
Yarn Kits, Inc (yrt)
Yarntree (ynt)
Y-Knot Designs (ykd)
Young At Heart (yah)
Young Designs (yg)
Youngman Hughes Enterprises (yh)
Young Traditions / Blue Whale Designs (bwd)
Your Accents (ya)
Your's In X-Stitch (yix)
Your Truly, Inc (yt)

Reference Catalog - Z

Zette Needlecrafts Designs (zn)
Zim's Inc (zm)
Zweigart (zj)