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Magazines - Out of USA  
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Magazines - Out of USA

Please Note - We have hundreds of magazines for us to post with Pictures & PayPal Sales Carts - the cost magazines depends on how many copies of an issue we have on hand.

We are working on this site, but it will take some time.

If your looking for a magazine that is not posted yet - just email pam@theoldstitch.com - we'll email if we have it & your cost.

Thanks for your patience - Happy Stitching!

Cross Stitch Crazy - UK - (Still In Print) - $6.00 to $6.50

Cross Stitcher Magazines - UK - (Still In Print) - $4.00

Cross-Stitch Magazine - (Out of Print)

New Stitches - UK - (Out of Print)

World of Cross Stitching - (Still In Print) - $6.00