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Santa Remembered
  Santa Remembered

22 designs - Merry Olde Gent Portrait, O Starry Night, Santa Making a List, Weihnachtsmann Sants, Best Wishes for Christmas - Gentle St Nick, Memorable Stroll with Children, Christmas Rider - Santa on Donkey, Traveling Companions - Santa & Reindeer, Father Christmas & Girl, Evergreen Ever Giving, Patron Saint of Children, Ringing In Christmas at Door, Bringing Christmas Spirit, Grandfatherly Gent with Girl, A Splendid Sight, Miles To Go Before I Sleep, Santa's Helper Angel, Christmas Aglow Candles on Tree, Kris Kringle with Girls, Man For All Seasons Uner Umbrella, Sweet Dreams & Sleeping Child, All-American Santa with Bag

Designer - Leisure Arts

Note - Hardback - 96 pages

catalog # lam-bk-1450

Pricing $ 19.95

Cost $ 1.00