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Glories of Cross Stitch, The
  The Glories Cross Stitch

25 designs - Celestial Sun Moon & Stars, Glory of the Sun Bible Verse, Child of Universe, When You Wish Upon a Star Dreams come True, Sun Signs - Zodiac Symbols Sampler, Symbols of Myriad Stars, Favourite Things Motifs Sampler - Pets, Bless This House - Little Castle Sampler, Home Sweet Home, Cat's Home Not Home Without Cat, Helen B Merry Sampler, A Tidy House Sampler, Many Eyes Go Through Meadows, Blow the Wind, Olde Tree Mini Sampler, Poppies, All Small Creatures Bows in Their Tails, Bird of Love, Harvest Mouse, The Dovecote Birdhouse, The Beehive, The Topiary Garden, A Flower Cannot Blossom without Love, A Topiary Bird, Alphabets Sampler, Backstitch Sampler, Harvest Alphabet, White Alphabet, etc

Designer - Lauren Turner / CIMA Books

Note - Hardback - 128 pages

catalog # lurt-bk-6066

Pricing $ 24.99

Cost $ 1.00