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Floral Needlepoint
  Floral Needlepoint

26 designs- Old Fashioned Roses Fireside Piano Bench, Victorian Circle Roses Chair Back / Seat, Daylily Pillow, Rose Botanicals Set, Heepsake Beaded Heart Box Lid, Sunflower Pillow, Zinna Pillow, Hydrangea Rug / Pillow, Poppies Eyeglass Case, Floral Sachets, Perinnal Bookmark, Pasture Rose, Wild Rose, Buttercups & Butterfly, Twinflowers, Wild Pea & Dragonfly, Home Sweet Home Sign, Floral Wisteria Pillow, Zinna Flowers, Roses Pillow, Leaf & Vine Trellis Mat, Sewing Chest with Rose, Needlepoint Doll, Floral Pins / Lids, Tea Time Cozy / Tray / Coasters

Designer - Better Homes & Gardens

Note - Hardback - 80 pages

catalog # bhag-bk-1854

Pricing $ 9.95

Cost $ 1.00