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Hello - Welcome

Yes - This is a New Site for the OldStitch.com site! Note - we are moving our old inventory to this new site in 2018.

Welcome!! to "The Answer in The Old Cross Stitch Patterns"

Please Note - We are Under Construction - the new items are coming slowly in Orange. The magazine catalog takes the longest to post & will be the last. We appreciate your patience.

If you want an item that is not posted on either sites - just email oldstitch@oldstitch.com & we will email if we have it - then if we don't have it we will add the wish to the Wish List on this site. Either way we will email you asap.

" We Are a First come First served company!!"

We Ship Only in USA!

If you're tired of having to auction to find your old leaflets or book or kits! We are not a shop & we don't have a catalog, we are an gently Used Cross Stitch Book Store! (Some of the items sell the same week they are posted & we might have only one (1) to sell - so to keep a catalog makes no sense.)

Have fun & enjoying Browing this site!

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!


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